July 16, 2015

Josh Innes Will Be Back on 94 WIP

The ill conceived Innes and Bruno Show self-destructed before our very ears earlier this month when veteran radio host Tony Bruno "retired" from radio. Josh Innes revealed on twitter that he is on a 10 day hiatus from the station as a retooling is taking place. I am of the belief that Josh Inness is not cut out for the Philly market. There was a time over the last year, during his night time show, that his hijinks was toned down. He actually gave some sound opinions and a different perspective from the usual "Chip Kelly can do no wrong" logic out there about the Philadelphia Eagles during the 2014  football season. I became a listener. Then the honchos at 94 WIP (Spike Eskin and Andy Bloom) decided to give Josh Innes an afternoon slot last February. I stopped listening.

Pairing him with Tony Bruno generated number one ratings in the key male demographic. So they were doing something right. The show bested 97.5 The Fanatic host Mike Missanelli and has launched a radio war of sorts between the two FM sports stations in town. Perhaps WIP is thinking of letting Innes go solo. We shall see.

Many sports radio talk show listeners absolutely hate Josh Innes. There are others of course that like Innes. The ratings say so. When will the Josh Innes saga end? No time soon. He has a contract. With all the firings CBS is doing across the country; they are not about to pay someone that is not working for them.

Meanwhile Innes, the Stern wannabe is listening to tapes of Howard Stern, I will enjoy Glen Macnow and Jody Mac.

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