October 29, 2012

Cicely Tynan Calls Adam Joseph a Moron, Jim Gardner Covers it Up Nicely

The dean of ALL news men (and news ladies for that matter) in Philadelphia, Jim Gardner of Action News @6abc wants us to know that Cecily Tynan did not call Adam Joseph an "untoward name" when he was having trouble with his mic. When was the last time you heard the word UNTOWARD?

Sorry to say Jim, but she called him a MORON!!! ..and that my friends is the major news coming out of the coverage of Hurricane Sandy. Jim went on to say that they don't do things like that at 6 ABC. "We are a family." Have you ever called someone in your family a moron? Exactly.

See what they tweeted on Twitter below:

FYI, I did NOT call Adam a moron. I said "DO YOU WANT MINE ON?" I was taking off my mic and getting ready to give him my mic.

Let me make this clear if you just watch our weather hit. Cecily did not say "moron" she said "do you want mine on" (the mic)lol Too Funny!

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