December 27, 2013

Former Eagles Wide Receiver T.O. Terrell Owens Attacks Philly Fans in Hamburger Commercial

The award for the stupidest commercial of the year!

Terrell Owens, who we're sure is desperate for money, attacked our own Philadelphia sports fan base in a commercial promoting a Philly cheesesteak burger for the fast food chain known as Carls Jr. In the commercial Owens is mercilessly taunted by Eagles fans. (We wouldn't do that) The restaurant which is a West Coast based company is also known as Hardee's in other parts of the country. The nearest one of those is located on Route 40 in Bear, Delaware, about 45 miles south of the city. The commercial of course does not air in the Philadelphia area.

Hot Peppers
As you watch the commercial notice some peculiar things in the scenes. For one the car has a Pennsylvania licence plate on the front of the car. (We have one license plate attached in the rear in PA.) Notice the green peppers on the cheesesteak with melted cheese on top. Yuck! (We might get hot cherry peppers on a cheesesteak or on the side! Duh?)

The most unbelievable thing is... there are no wrappers on the ground. This scene is much too clean to be Philly!

One thing for sure if Terrell Owens didn't break his leg and tear a ligament in his ankle before the Super Bowl, The Eagles would have won in 2004. I don't really recall Eagles' fans hating T.O. in 2005; it was time for the diva to just go. We appreciate what he was able to do in the Super Bowl against the Patriots despite playing on a leg that was barely healed seven weeks after breaking it.

That's a cheesesteak with onions. I'll take mine with ketchup.

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