February 4, 2014

Here's a Message for 94 WIP, It's Time to End Wing Bowl

Wing Bowl was born out of the Philadelphia Eagles ineptness to reach the big game year after year after year. WIP took a small station promotional event born 22 years ago the Friday morning before the Super Bowl to a grown man frat party of epic proportions that sell out within minutes at the Wells Fargo Center. With that being said, it's time to put away the falling down drunkenness, projectile vomiting from the contestants, and go to class. (Pun intended) There comes a time when it's time to grow up. Some may even call it disgusting as a Daily News columnist recently did.

The weeks leading up to the event with in-studio qualifying eating contests no longer make for great radio. WIP has to sense this as they try to entice "celebrity" contestants such as their new night host Josh Innes and Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce to participate in Wing Bowl. Inness didn't make the cut. Gone are the days when El Wingador along Coney Island Nathan's Hot Dog champions Kobiyashi and Joey Chesnut dominated the event.

At one time it was a cool event. But when...

Sixers coach Brett Brown says it was an eye-opener, former Phillies Matt Stairs chugs two beers in less than five seconds, the video board operator pans the crowd looking for well endowed women, a lady who was less than enthusiastic about her win from Nebraska eats the most wings, and Angelo Cataldi calls the Daily News writer the b-word, well it's time to close shop.


  1. Coach Brown was trying to get the same credibility-spiking effect that it had on Chip Kelly. But more people showed up to Wing Bowl than his Sixers game that day.

  2. My god, Rhea Hughes has a face for radio. She is an awful pig.