October 8, 2012

Kacie McDonnell Keeps the Traffic Hot on FOX 29's Good Day Philadelphia

Kacie McDonnell joined the FOX 29 team in August, 2012, as the "Good Day" Traffic Reporter

So how did she get to FOX 29 anyway?

Apparently morning anchor Mike Jerrick took a real liking to McDonnell after seeing a local car dealership's commercial starring Kacie. The powers that be auditioned McDonnell by having her meet Jerrick live on the air. McDonnell's les than 15 minutes of fame have turned out to be a winner for local early risers TV viewers. I'm sure her role at the station will be extended in the near future.

How about live traffic reports around the Linc before, during, and after the Eagles games?

Here's a little more on Kacie:

She graduated in May, 2012, from Villanova University with a degree in Communications. She is the former girlfriend of Minnesota Vikings' quarterback Christian Ponder. You might recognize her from commercial work in Philadelphia for clients like QVC and Fiat of Maple Shade. For the past several years she has been active in raising awareness for Pediatric Cancer through partnerships with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and Alex's Lemonade Stand. She currently resides in the Philadelphia area.

Is this a little creepy? Monday mornings at FOX 29 after an Eagles game must be a real treat!