November 23, 2012

John DeBella Celebrates 30 Years in Philly Radio

WMGK Celebrates with a Fancy "To-Do" for John DeBella

John DeBella the morning host at Classic Rock 102.9 WMGK is celebrating 30 years on the air in our beloved City of Brotherly Love brother, by inviting listeners to his "30th Anniversary DeBella DeBall." More on that at the station's website.

In an interview with, DeBella shared some of his thoughts on becoming a Philadelphian.

"Most of my normal-life things [like his barber and dentist] were still in New York," he explained. "And then we had [the] blizzard (in 1983). In the middle of it, I walked to Jim's Steaks on South Street, which was five blocks from my house, to get a cheesesteak, and walked back. On the way back in the blizzard, with a cheesesteak getting cold in my hands, I said to myself, 'You're a Philadelphian. If you're willing to walk 10 blocks in a blizzard for a cheesesteak, you're a Philadelphian. You're not a New Yorker any longer.' "

John DeBella and the Morning Zoo on 93.3 WMMR became a monster ratings wise in Philly by 1983. DeBella however also experienced quite a bit of angst in his radio career following the onslaught from the north in the form of Howard Stern. Stern's program was syndicated from NYC on WMMR's rock rival 94 WYSP. Here's a taste of that rivalry.

DeBella revealed in the article that Stern had apologized for his on-air behavior towards DeBella during that time. Check out more of the article 'WMGK-FM host John DeBella marks 30 years in Philly radio'

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