January 3, 2014

Talk Show Host Bob Grant Has Died

Long time New York and 96.5 WWDB talk show host Bob Grant has died. He passed away on New Year's Eve from what is being described as a brief illness. He was 84.

Grant, born as Robert Ciro Gigante, began his talk radio career at KABC-AM in Los Angeles in the mid-1960s. The controversial host rose to fame when he went east to New York City and began a regular talk show at WMCA in 1970. He worked at 770 WABC and 710 WOR as well. Grant came under fire many times for pushing the envelope on the air and for his conservative views. He would frequently tell callers he disagreed with to "get off my phone you creep!" Invariably he would be fired many times.[NYTIMES ARTICLE] His style undoubtedly became the template for radio hosts Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh.

Grant revived his career by traveling down the NJ Turnpike and accepting hosting duties at 96.5 WWDB-FM in Philadelphia in the early 1980's, when the station was the only FM talk station in the country. Eventually he would return to New York in 1984, but during his time here in Philadelphia he made an impact in this market with other hosts at the station such as Irv Homer and Dominic Quinn. Grant worked at WOR until 2007, when he returned to finish out his career at WABC. He never officially retired.

Here are some clips I found on YouTube.

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