December 10, 2013

B101 is Changing its Name to MORE FM at 101.1

The number one radio station in Philly is changing its branding from "B101" to "MoreFM," following the holiday season. The station has been called B101 for two decades and in a release, says the change is "designed to better align the station's name with its programming and help more closely match listener perception with the station's current reality."

"We made a nearly identical decision in 1993 when we kept the same programming but switched our name from EZ-101 to B101 to update our image," said station owner Jerry Lee. "That one worked out pretty well, increasing our audience 40 percent over the next three years and ultimately helping establish us as a dominant #1, particularly with Women 25-54. We're confident this name change will set the foundation for the next 20 years of growth."

"As we went through the process it became clear that what our listeners expect from us and what sets us apart from competitors is our commitment to playing more of the music they love with less of the talk they don't," said GM Blaise Howard. "With the MoreFM name, we are embracing our strength and reflecting the listening experience that matters most to our audience."

The station is currently playing an all-Christmas music format and will officially rebrand as "MoreFM" on December 26.

The station's mascot Buzz Bee (never knew that bee had a name) will be axed along with the name change.

So cute!

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