January 5, 2014

Eagles Fans Do the Wild Card Game Hot Tub Tailgate Machine

That's Dennis waving his hand in the photo. That's Dad with the white hair. It's a matter of biology and fertilization for the reason why this hot tub came about.

Is this the way to tailgate? You damn right! Fans rig up an outdoor hot tub in the parking lot outside of the Linc. Drinking bourbon, relaxing in a hot tub five hours before the game, and boiling peppers for soup (???). Who cares? "E-A-G-L-E-S - Eagles!!!"

Tim Furlong of Channel 10 interviews Dennis, the mastermind behind this idea. However his father told Tim it was his idea off camera. During the live shot Dad tells us why it was HIS IDEA. It's all about procreation. Anyway people will say anything when they're drunk! The old man cares nothing about FCC regulations.

Even though the Eagles lost to the Saints 26-24, it was a good season.

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