December 24, 2012

NBC 10 Abandons Nonstop Philadelphia Channel Early for Cozi TV

NBC 10 has dropped the programming on its local entertainment channel Nonstop Philadelphia. It will be replaced by a new channel from NBC Universal Cozi TV. The new channel will feature classic drama, action and comedy shows. Get ready for shows like Charlie Angels, Magnum P.I., and The Beverly Hillbillies. It was originally slated to begin in January. The decision itself came from the parent company, NBC Universal, which has launched Cozi TV in several markets across the country including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.

The new channel is promoting itself through social media. They say 'it will be easier on your eyes and easier on your mind.' Cozi TV will be found on the same place as the former Nonstop Philadelphia. That would be on 10.2 digital, 248 on Comcast and 460 on Verizon FIOS channels.

I for one will miss "Talk Stoop" from NBC 4 in New York and the locally produced "Foodies" with NBC 10 reporter Tim Furlong. The new Cozi TV channel will allow for local programming to pre-empt network programming. Here's hoping 'Foodies" returns on Cozi.

Here's a preview:


  1. While channel surfing tonight I came across COZI, number 248 on Comcast. I caught Banachek followed by McMillan and Wife. I can't find a listing for this channel yet but I know that I am going to like it very much. Magnum was advertized for Thursdays. These are some of the shows I have been looking for for a couple of years. Hope Columbo shows up in the line up along with Kojak and McCloud.

  2. Any clue what was behind the end of Nonstop? It was a national brand with a local flair that I really liked. And Foodies was my favorite show too.