February 10, 2014

Mike Missanelli Returns to 97.5 The Fanatic, Will @Deadspin Retract the Story?

Mike Missanelli gave a statement today on the air on his suspension after being off the air for a week. He addresses why he was absent and apologizes for anyone who may have been offended. He also gave a history of the listener (troll) that has been harassing him with thousands of emails for four of the five years that he has been part of 97.5 The Fanatic. He categorically denied that he is homophobic.

Missanelli went on to say that the listener communicated with him that it would be impossible for authorities to find out the emailer's identity; who refers to himself  as "The Rock" (because he resembles the actor and wrestler). He regrets the perception that the emails that were sent to the Deadspin website implied that he was homophobic. He also stated that he would no longer communicate with listener's through email following this experience.

I think it is incumbent for the dudes over at Deadspin to respond in light of the Missanelli statement. The problem here is that even Deadspin doesn't know who this guy is. They only got one side of the story. Or in this case only one side of the emails. It sounds like Mikey Miss was set-up. This guy was just looking for the opportunity to take Missanelli down. (This guy must have been thinking: The language in these emails would cause the alarms to go off if it was forwarded to a nationally read website.) Of course they (Deadspin and their readers) would think a Philly sports host would be homophobic. Along with throwing snowballs at Santa and cheering at an injured Michael Irvin-- it's par for the course, right? Deadspin you were used mightily and you didn't even bother to find out the background behind this story. Shame on you.

The irony in all of this is that this story broke a few days before the Marcus Smart story (the Oklahoma State college basketball player that shoved a fan following a verbal barrage by that fan) and the coming out of Missouri football player and NFL draft prospect Michael Sam as gay.

Here is the link to the audio from the 97.5 The Fanatic website.

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